Global Fibre Solutions

July 19, 2021


Global Fibre Solutions Inc. pave the way for a green future with their Strategic Investment Partnership with Inachus Ventures.

With their innovative approach and development of a Carbon Negative Hemp Fibre Processing facility capable of providing Hemp Fibre materials to the world, Global Fibre Solutions Inc. offer an economic green solution that replaces products in several billion-dollar industrial sectors: textiles, paper, wood products, bioplastics, construction mat., biofuels.

With their production ingenuity the proposed Multi million dollar state of the art hemp fibre processing facility boasts spectacularly low waste and amazing yields not to mention the carbon sequester and carbon credit potential.

The company’s team of experienced, industry seasoned executives, researchers, scientists, advisors and committed partners make for a bullet-proof roster of personnel for Inachus Ventures to work alongside and assist in the success of this substantial ecological industrial project.

Global Fibre Solutions Inc. aim to develop five state of the art fibre processing facilities in their 5 year plan and will be looking to make a public offering in the future to make them the largest group of fibre processing facilities in the world.