June 10, 2024



The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on industries worldwide, prompting businesses to rethink their strategies for operational efficiency and profitability. At Inachus Ventures, headquartered in London with offices in the USA and a dedicated team in India, we have seen first-hand the transformative power of management consultancy, data analytics, and ERP services in navigating these challenging times. Here, we explore the impact on key industries and how they are leveraging these services to thrive in 2024.

Healthcare: Optimising Patient Care and Supply Chains

Impact: The healthcare sector faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, with strained resources, increased demand for services, and disrupted supply chains. According to the World Health Organisation, healthcare expenditures soared as hospitals struggled to manage the influx of patients and secure necessary supplies.

Response: Healthcare providers are now turning to data analytics for improved patient management, predicting patient flows, and optimising resource allocation. ERP systems are being implemented to streamline supply chains and ensure timely procurement of essential supplies. Our consultancy services have been instrumental in helping healthcare organisations redesign processes to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Retail: Embracing Digital Transformation

Impact: The retail industry experienced a dramatic shift towards e-commerce, coupled with significant supply chain disruptions and evolving consumer behaviours. A McKinsey report highlighted that e-commerce saw ten years’ worth of growth in just three months during the pandemic.

Response: Retailers are adopting ERP systems to better manage inventory and supply chains, ensuring they can meet fluctuating consumer demands. Data analytics is being used to gain insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, allowing for more targeted marketing strategies. Our consultancy services are guiding retailers through digital transformation, helping them to establish a robust online presence and enhance customer engagement.

Manufacturing: Streamlining Production and Supply Chains

Impact: Factory shutdowns, supply chain interruptions, and labour shortages significantly impacted the manufacturing sector. The International Labour Organisation reported that global manufacturing output fell by 6% in 2020.

Response: To combat these challenges, manufacturers are implementing ERP systems for production planning and resource management. Data analytics plays a critical role in demand forecasting and optimising supply chain operations. Our consultancy services are focused on introducing lean manufacturing practices and improving operational efficiency.

Hospitality and Tourism: Adapting to New Realities

Impact: The hospitality and tourism industry suffered immensely, with travel restrictions leading to decreased travel and reduced occupancy rates. The World Travel & Tourism Council estimated a loss of $4.5 trillion in the sector in 2020.

Response: The industry is now leveraging ERP systems to manage resources more efficiently and comply with health regulations. Data analytics is being used to analyse market trends and forecast demand, enabling businesses to adapt their offerings. Our consultancy services are helping businesses in this sector develop strategic plans and manage crises effectively.

Education: Navigating the Shift to Remote Learning

Impact: Educational institutions had to rapidly transition to remote learning, facing technological challenges and reduced enrolment. UNESCO reported that over 1.6 billion learners were affected by school closures.

Response: Data analytics is being utilised to track student engagement and performance, helping educators tailor their approaches. ERP systems are streamlining administrative processes and improving operational efficiency. Our consultancy services are assisting educational institutions in crafting robust digital education strategies to ensure continuity and quality of education.

Finance: Enhancing Digital Services and Compliance

Impact: The finance sector experienced market volatility and an increased demand for digital services. According to Deloitte, digital banking saw a 20% increase in usage during the pandemic.

Response: Financial institutions are deploying data analytics for risk management and customer insights. ERP systems are being used for financial reporting and regulatory compliance. Our consultancy services are driving digital transformation initiatives, ensuring that financial institutions can offer secure and efficient digital services.

Supply Chain and Logistics: Building Resilience

Impact: Global supply chain disruptions and increased shipping costs have significantly impacted logistics. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development reported that global trade declined by 5.6% in 2020.

Response: Companies are leveraging ERP systems for logistics and supply chain management, ensuring smoother operations. Data analytics is optimising routes and inventory management. Our consultancy services focus on building supply chain resilience, helping businesses to anticipate and mitigate disruptions.

Energy: Adapting to Market Fluctuations

Impact: The energy sector faced fluctuating demand and operational disruptions. The International Energy Agency noted a 5% decrease in global energy demand in 2020.

Response: Energy companies are adopting data analytics for consumption forecasting and efficiency improvements. ERP systems are being used for asset management and operational planning. Our consultancy services promote sustainable practices and enhance operational efficiency.


The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of agility and resilience across industries. At Inachus Ventures, we are committed to helping businesses leverage management consultancy, data analytics, and ERP services to rebuild and thrive. Our global presence, with headquarters in London, offices in the USA, and a team in India, allows us to offer comprehensive support tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities in each industry. As we move forward, these tools will be essential in driving operational efficiency and profitability, ensuring businesses are well-equipped to face future challenges.

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