January 17, 2021


Looking to secure the much needed infrastructure to deliver fibre optic capabilities to businesses and consumers across Hampshire, a County with the fifth largest GDP in the UK. Solent Fibre’s strategic financing partnership with Inachus Ventures will see delivery of a modern 21st century communication system for this post-pandemic UK county.

The necessity for rapid growth in this sector is paramount as the Government attempts to meet it’s promise of bringing fibre connectivity to every home in the UK by 2025. Inachus and Solent Fibre are looking to capitalise on this acceleration in required infrastructure and supporting services.

With rapid income generation from both B2C and B2B customers providing a very short IRR with significant market potential for further expansion organically and inorganically. The network will be created with its own open access infrastructure and will be 5G, IoT and Smart industry ready allowing income to be generated from third parties that may wish to leverage access to the network.

This project has a very experienced leadership team underpinning a new and lean approach to the industry.

The team have the necessary licence, and agreements in place to commence the program as soon as funding is committed.